The Effect of Coronavirus on the US Military

When most people think about the military and the coronavirus, they think of stories such as the hospital ship, USNS Comfort, deploying to...

US Role on World Stage in Human Rights Is Constructive Engagement

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has asked us as Americans to take a look at our role in international human rights engagement; specifically, the...
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How Progressive Economic Policies Wreck Everything

I laughed when I saw The Washington Post headline: “Minneapolis had progressive policies, but its economy still left black families behind.” The media are...
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For Our Children’s Sake, Reopen Schools This Fall

President Donald Trump announced at the White House his unequivocal commitment to getting America’s schools back open. “So, what we want to do is,...

Standing Up to ‘Wokeness’ and the Intolerance of the Mob

From around the country, we are hearing stories about companies, schools, universities, and others that are making public confessions and flagellating themselves for...

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JPY Weekly Review (July 20 – 24)

A swift turn in broad risk sentiment towards negative on Thursday wasn’t enough to help the Japanese yen overcome the early week positive...
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It’s Time to Shut Down Judge Sullivan’s 3-Ring Circus in Flynn Case

Michael Flynn’s attorney has fired another broadside at Judge Emmet Sullivan, the trial judge presiding over his case.  Flynn filed a blistering brief opposing...

EUR & CHF Weekly Forecast – Another Round of Mid-Tier Releases

A number of mid-tier releases are lined up from the top eurozone nations this week. Can these push the shared currency in a single...

Trading Stocks Vs. Trading Currency

Trading stocks and currency are very different. Some people prefer to trade on the stock market, and others prefer...

System Update: SMA Crossover Pullback (July 21 – 28)

Trends are once again picking up, allowing this mechanical system to lock in more gains for the week. Here’s how it all turned...